Run at full speed though challenging levels


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The two-dimentional platform game Crystalrect is somewhat similar to gravity guy or related games where the goal is to keep running as long as possible. But in Crystalrect you're running on the floor and the ceiling, tapping the screen to alternate between the two.

Unlike similar titles, Crystalrect isn't an 'endless runner' game, the levels are not infinite but have clearly marked checkpoints. Altogether Crytalrect has 18 different levels, each one exponentially more difficult than the last!

If you're unable to beat a level for some reason, the game does allow you to skip levels -as long as you watch a video first- so you are never completely stuck. But be careful, the levels get very difficult very quickly, so it's best to progress slowly.

With elements of Gravity guy, VVVVVVV, and geometry rush, Crystalrect is a fun and frantic platform game that also has decent graphics. And don't be fooled by there being only 18 levels, this entertaining, difficult game will keep you playing for hours.
Crystalrect is a mix between VVVVVV and Geometry Dash

The release of new skill based games has stagnated a bit after a period of titles that had players sweating bullets on each and every level. But that doesn't mean that from time to time there aren't new games that owe a debt to the movement, and Crystalrect is a new title deserving of attention. It's a game that doesn't hide the inspiration it draws from cult classics like VVVVVV and Geometry Dash.
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Android 4.1 or higher required